How much do I advertise my house on Airbnb? Calculator helps solve

Reaching an interesting value for renting your property in the Airbnb application is not always a simple task. The online calculator “Eliot & Me” facilitates this activity and optimizes the possibility of making some extra money.

The platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms to suggest the most convenient rental price for Airbnb. Its use does not bring complications: when entering the site, you fill in your address and the details of the residence. He will analyze the average prices of the region and recommend values ​​for the daily and weekly.


The system will also show the percentage growth of the price in the locality according to holidays and times of greater demand. Other information provided is weather , so you know which time of year is most attractive to rent.

Airnob Weather

It is worth noting that in order for the site to work accurately, the fields must be filled with true data. The page also offers the option to look for cheaper accommodations , informing the same data that was made available to you.