What is the lemon and honey playing together?

Benefit of Lemon and Honey Mixture
Benefit of Lemon and Honey Mixture. Image: Natural Living Ideas

It may be heard often that eating lemon and honey mixed in the morning is useful for health. In fact, there are excellent elements of healing in lime and honey. And it does not have to be too difficult to prepare.

Healthy website Natural Living Ideas.com has said that lemon and honey are some of the things to eat together.

Increases immunity

This drink helps to increase the immune system. You can drink this drink during cold cough.

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Helps reduce acne

Drink lemon and honey every morning helps to reduce acne. If you drink it for two to three weeks the skin is very clean.

The body absorbs

Lemon and honey have strong absorption material. Every morning it gets to work to remove body toxic substances.

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How to make honey-lemon drink

Heat a cup of water. Then, after the water gets hot from the oven, one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Then drink the mixture.