8 best sites to search and download torrent files on the Internet

Best torrent site to download files on the internet

do you want to download several files from the web, but do not know where to start? Separate a list of 8 addresses for anyone who wants to search and download torrents on the network.

However, it is good to remember: even if the sites below are considered safe, no address is completely reliable, as infected files are scattered throughout the network. It is important to keep an eye also on the issue of copyright, so you have no problems due to download a file that should not.


1 – IsoHunt

One of the best known of the planet files seekers, the IsoHunt has an average of 12 million daily searches. Surely he has one of the largest gender databases on the network. Visit this link.

2 – EZTV

For those looking for files related to series and TV shows, the EZTV is one of the most interesting alternatives. Very organized and with good volume of indexed content, it is worth just pass by it. Visit this link.


3 – BitSnoop

Are no less than 19 million torrents hosted on one of the most transparent addresses in combating improper or pirated content. The site has  a page  dedicated solely to copyright problems with reports. The interface is simple: a search field and nothing else. Visit this link .

4 – Extra Torrent

The ExtraTorrent is one of the torrent search sites that growth has presented more recently. He also faced legal problems related to copyright URL changed a few times. The organization is similar to Kickass. Visit this link .


5 – KAT (Kickass Torrents)

Created in 2009, the Kickass Torrent faced several legal problems in his career and had to change its URL multiple times. Currently your domain is from Costa Rica. Movies, series, music and games are organized by popularity in home KAT. Visit this link.

6 – Torrent Us

Torrent Us stands out for ease of search entries. According to the development team, the Torrent Us searches for files in 46 sites simultaneously and now has over 22 million indexed files. Visit this link.


7 – TorrentZ

The torrentz is one of the leading bittorrent market. Its distinguishing feature is the fact that it does not host content on its servers. Unlike much of the competition, this redirection to download is done to other addresses. Visit this link ..


8 – 1337X

With one of the nicest interfaces of this list, the 1337x press for organizing the content. There are all kinds of torrent file there, but movies and series dominate the page. Visit this link .