Thursday, December 14, 2017


Monetha Partner

Landspotter App Partner with Monetha (MTH)

Monetha (MTH) coin recently partner with Landspotter. Landspotter is a land selling company. Their powerful search tool help buyer to find land for sale online. Monetha told in their twitter account, "New partner @landspotterapp ! Monetha enables customers to purchase land with ETH...
Metropolis Release Date

Metropolis: Ethereum Developers Set Date for Testnet Launch

A release date for the "Byzantium" testnet, the next critical step toward a major upgrade to ethereum, was announced. Byzantium is the first of two phases in the update 'Metropolis', which will be followed by 'Constantinople' later. The actual version...
Bitcoin vs Gold investment

Bitcoin VS Gold: What is the Best Invesment?

Do you know that bitcoin is already worth than gold? We know that gold remains the most valuable metal, but increasingly bitcoin has been drawing the attention of international markets, becoming a highly discussed commodity at present. Maybe now you are hesitate where...
Best bitcoin exchange site

4 Best Bitcoin Exchange Site around the World

The various bitcoin of exchange site available around the world that offer the investor possibility to buy and sell the crypto-coins with security and transparency. When it comes to choosing, however, it is important that the user knows the best exchange...