Check out tips for playing Horizon Zero Dawn

The Horizon Zero Dawn is the new action game in the third person developed by Guerrilla Games, Killzone creator of shooting franchise. Released exclusively for PS4 , the title tells the story of the huntress Aloy and takes place in the post-apocalyptic era, in a version of Earth dominated by Jurassic robots. Check out, in this tutorial, essential tips to do well in the game:


Perform all activities

Because it is a typical open-world game, Zero Dawn brings a map full of missions to be fulfilled. In addition to story-related goals, Aloy can participate in secondary tasks and skill tests to gain experience points and level up.

The advantage of fulfilling all missions and thus clearing the map is that, thus, Aloy can evolve with ease. There are also exclusive items awarded as prizes for optional activities, which serve as an incentive to make the young woman explore every inch of the scene and help other characters.


Be smiling

Surviving the threats of Jurassic robots is not an easy task, either at the most accessible or very difficult level of play. Aloy is a skillful hunter, but like any human being in the midst of nature, she has a hard time facing herds of creatures. Therefore, the best strategy is to act sneakily, eliminating enemies one by one, since only a sneak attack is necessary to kill small and medium sized robots.
Sneak attacks are executed to perfection when Aloy is hidden in dense vegetation. When approaching the enemy, just press the R1 button to perform the finalization. At the beginning of the journey, it’s important to prioritize the skills of luring enemies with a whistle and use experience points to raise the level of stealth.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Be Sneaky To Run Enemies (Photo: Reproduction / Victor Teixeira)

Weighing is necessary

As in other great action games, such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Far Cry, resource collection is one of the main elements of Horizon Zero Dawn. This is because the protagonist needs the raw material from the environments to make ammunition, medical paraphernalia and expand the space of bags to carry more items.

Virtually everything can be designed with the components stored in the inventory, so it is essential to harvest all the plants, wood and electronic components of slaughtered machines. The icons of the items are well pointed at the map, you just need to approach the object and push the “Triangle” button to get it.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Tips to do well in the exclusive PS4 (Photo: Reproduction / Victor Teixeira)

Study the enemies

Although the game does not encourage hand-to-hand combat, Aloy has a vast arsenal of medium- and long-range weapons at his disposal. Before attacking, it is highly recommended to study opponents thoroughly. With heroin stopped in a safe place, use the R3 button to activate focus, scan the area, and highlight the vulnerable points on the machines.

Robots have weaknesses in specific parts of the body, so the best thing to do is to discover the pieces that will absorb more damage. It is also important to use the arrows and elemental weapons to knock down stronger enemies. If the robot has a blue piece on its back, for example, it means that it is vulnerable to shock equipment. Try to rely on colors to define the best approach.

Horizon Zero Dawn: panning items is needed to survive (Photo: Reproduction / Victor Teixeira)

Be creative and make good use of the arsenal 

In addition to bow and arrow, there are traps, slings and other primitive instruments equipped with cutting-edge technology. Use creativity to hunt as there are creatures that simply do not suffer damage from common arrows. If Aloy is at a disadvantage, do no harm, try switching equipment or using traps to immobilize the dinosaur.

At the beginning of the campaign, remember to prioritize the ability to slow down time during shots. Power can be unlocked in the first levels – with just one skill point – and it helps a lot when confronting more agile enemies, such as the Tooth-Sawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Study the enemies before moving forward (Photo: Reproduction / Victor Teixeira)

Use the fast travel feature and enjoy the ride

Save your time and invest right away in the fast travel package known as “Golden Fast Travel Pack”. With him, Aloy can make a quick trip without cost to any camp already visited on the map. That way, you can accomplish missions without having to travel long distances to get from point A to point B.

The special package is sold in the main merchants, but we recommend the seller of Meridiana, which is near the city bridge, since it is one of the first regions visited on the journey. The Golden Pack requires a good amount of raw material to be designed, such as shards, fox skin and greasy meat.

Aloy’s locomotion does not depend only on quick travel. Our protagonist can tame beasts to turn them into mounts, which greatly accelerates the progress in history. Once the introductory missions are completed, the heroine receives an item to convert machines, that is, to make them allies. Approach the desired creature cautiously and use the accessory to control your actions.

Horizon Zero Dawn (Photo: Divulgaon / Sony)