Check out tips to avoid heating the PS4

The PS4 is a device that runs games with great graphics quality, which always requires a lot of processing and plates. Because of this, it can warm up constantly and the internal cooling system may not always be enough – especially in most Brazilian states, where it is usually warmer than outside. See tips to take care and avoid heating of your console:


leave room

Always leave some space between the PS4 and a wall or surface that can cover its output air – which is at the rear. It is recommended to have at least 30 cm of space so that the console can “breathe” properly.

Tips to prevent your PS4 overheat (Reuters / Sony)

So it’s always good to avoid keeping the PS4 on shelves or cabinets that have the party closed behind. Keep it in a well ventilated place, so that the cooler internal can work properly.

Try to leave surface does not heat

The PS4 heats itself. Even with the cooler inside, and even in ventilated areas, it is still hot while running a game, especially those most beautiful and heavy. So, try to keep it on surfaces that do not attract as much heat.

Tips to prevent your PS4 overheat (Reuters / Sony)

The marble, for example, is known for dissipating heat. Already a wooden surface is not as well indicated. The idea is that, in addition to the game heat, where it is no help to accumulate more.


Clear whenever possible

Clean the PS4 is always a good idea. To do this, at least the basics: pass a cloth that will not scratch across its surface primarily to remove the dust, which also helps to accumulate heat.

Tips to prevent your PS4 overheat (Reuters / Sony)

Or, use a small stick with cotton on the tip in order to clean the air vents which are in the back of the console. Finally, if possible technical knowledge, it is always good to open the housing in order to remove dust from inside the machine – but this option is only recommended for more experienced with it.

Play refrigerated

We know that Brazil is a hot country, far more than in places where the market PS4 is greater, such as Europe, Japan or the United States. However, if possible, try to install the console on a very cold place in the house.

Tips to prevent your PS4 overheat (Reuters / Sony)

The ideal is that it is the same place where there is air conditioning installed. If you can not, leave it in the airy room in the house. Under no circumstances let the PS4 take sun coming through the window. Otherwise, in addition to ruin the game in the long run, contribute, and for its heating.