Dofus: how to create or join a guild in the game

Dofus is a free MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world, made in 2D. With versions for Windows and Mac , the game stands out when using the traits of anime in his look, and is very light. As in every kind of game, it is common to create players guilds. Learn now how to create your guild in Dofus .

Dofus (Reuters)

To create a guild in the game you need to be game of the subscriber (P2P), and need to collect the item “Union Gema”, which can be found by killing monsters around the map. The trick is to have enough point of exploration, which increases the chance of winning best items monsters after battles.

It is not necessary to subscribe to the leader or member positions. Once you get the item, go to the Temple of Guilds in location [1-9] to choose your coat, your name and colors.

Temple of Guilds (Photo: Playback)

To join an existing guild, enough to be invited by a member to join the guild and who has rights to invite other players.