How to Enable Night Mode on Windows, Android, Youtube, Twitter

Nowadays it is difficult to find someone who does not have at least one electronic device at home. It can be a cell phone , a tablet , a notebook  or PC – certainly one of these is present in your daily life, even for those who are not adept at these technologies. The point is that overexposure to so many devices is harmful to eye vision, and even reducing the brightness of the screens relieves the effect caused by them, especially at night when our eyes are already much more tired than during the day.

To overcome from this problem, many companies have begun implementing Nightlight in their products, which reduces the intensity of the display light and replaces it with darker and less aggressive tones  –  all to make viewing more comfortable, even if you Need to use your gadget shortly before going to sleep. We separate some services that already have this feature; see below.

On Windows 10

For enable night mode in Windows 10, you need to have the latest update that release in April 2017.

To activate Night Mode, go to Start> Settings> System . In the first screen window, there will be the option “Night Light”; Just mark it to enable the feature.

To activate Night Mode, go to Start> Settings> System . In the first screen window, there will be the option "Night Light"; Just mark it to enable the feature.

On Android N

The Android 7.0 Nougat is an another operating system that has a Night Mode included by default in its architecture. You can enable it by accessing the settings on your smartphone by going to System Tuner UI>Color and Appearance and finally “Night Mode.”

On Youtube

On the Google video site, you must need to enable New material design interface. If you have not already done so, just go to and click “TRY IT NOW” button.

Note: You need to have installed version 57 of Google Chrome to work this feature.

From there, open the top menu by clicking on your profile photo in the right corner of the screen, and click on “Dark Theme: Off” button. Then enable “ACTIVE DARK THEME” option.

Dark Theme Enable in Youtube

On Twitter

So far, only the mobile version of Twitter has Night Mode. To enable it, open the social networking application and click on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen. Near the end of the flap, check “Night Mode” to make the background of the service darker.

Enable Night Mode on Twitter