5 Sites with Free High Resolution Photos

Free High Resolution Sites

There is a lot of pictures around, but we always end up focusing on only one, the one we think is the “best”. I’ve put together the five I’ve used, and you can feel free to recommend yours too in the post comments!


1 – Freepik

Certainly this is the best known free stock database, therefore the most used. In addition to high resolution photos , the site has vectors , PSDs and icons. That is, it is a complete choice of materials for designers.
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2 – Pixabay

In spite of having a name that would give chills to a certain mayor of a certain city, the site brings “illustrations of art” (this according to the own description of the site!). Yes, in addition to free photos , there are free illustrations and vectors.

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3 – splashbase

This is not just an image bank, but also offers free videos . It’s a simpler site than the others, with a different structure and navigation, but it also has quality material.

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4 – Pexels

Another good option for stock photos , has very good and creative images. Mainly nature photos and food.

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5 – AllTheFreeStock

This site could be the only tip of this post, since in fact it is not a database of images: the site brings together several other sites where you can download free images , videos, mockups, fonts, icons and vectors, and Even audios.

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