How to choose the best hosting for blog

Best hosting for your blog

A question that many have is regarding which hosting choose to allocate your blog archives. Particularly, I know thousands of companies that provide this service on the internet, some with high quality, but with absurd prices, and others with cool and affordable with a good plan.

For those who do not know, for hosting blog is the place where all your site or blog files will be allocated. For example, the theme, website design, plugins if any, images, downloadable files, html pages, etc.

The hosting works as a closed place that only the blog administrator can move and modify what you want in a website.

There are several hosting plans, some with 1Gb of space, others more, which depends on the magnitude of your project.

What is the Best Blog Hosting?

I do not know if it’s the best, but it is that I started to use only for testing and just enjoying everything and even more than price. The accommodation I’m talking about is the Hosting Company Sites where my plan costs only $ 5,50R monthly and accumulated can put files up to 1 GB in hosting.

I joined Hosting Sites in November 2013, when a sudden decided that it was time to leave and go to the blogger wordpress.

And looking for a tutorial to migrate the blog, I found Hosting Sites with all mapping to migrate without any problem and succeed in migration.

I looked at the plans and prices and found it very interesting and decided to test for only $ 5,00R at the time.

To my happiness all worked out and was simply spectacular! The hosting sites earned both my confidence went up to indicate in this article and also to my friends and partners.

In hosting sites you also have the option to join in order to publicize the services provided by it.

Hosting free domain

If you’re in doubt which hosting choose, look for one available for testing, as I have done, if your case and if you like Hosting Sites as I liked, I believe it will hardly want to leave her.

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