How to Find the Right Keyword For Your Article

Search Right Keyword
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The correct key word makes all the difference in an article, but of course only put certain words will not make a difference when it comes to make your blog or site is well positioned. As the years go by more experience is acquired, is not it? Well, over time I discovered why people create resistance to create a website or blog and even they can create with the time they give up.

You may wonder. Why someone would give up after all the hassle that’s to create a blog? This question is easy to answer. Most have difficulty creating a website, but the truth is that creating the site is the smallest of the barriers to be overcome, ie, the worst is yet to come.

Keyword With Quality Content

After the ready Blog comes the first challenge and most important of all, the creation of quality content and optimized for search engines like Google for example. Most people think that just writing out any well – written text that everything is resolved, but it is actually not how it works.

Its content in addition to well written and excellent value information to people you need to contain the correct keyword distributed by article and also in respect of the same.

Then you ask me. “What do correct keyword?” The answer is easy. What good is having a website or blog all pretty full of excellent articles if anyone find your articles on the Internet to read?

Well, there are SEO techniques called (Search Engine Optimization) which means (Optimization in search engines), which consist of distributing the key word during the Article preparation process, however, should not leave filling keyword text meaningless to the topic being drafted.

Keyword Planner – Word Planner Google Adwords Key

Then comes the other two questions. But because it is necessary to use certain keywords? Where to find them? The first answer I give now.

When we seek particular subject on the Internet use Google where you type something we want to get in that way, there are words and key terms that are most searched and as an example I quote the word “Make Money,” this term is widely used by the public interested in make money on the internet and thus arise several search variations including the term given as an example and can name a few such as: make money online, make money at home, making money on the internet, etc …

Thus, Google identifies and recognizes this key word and when we use in our article that makes it be better optimized and end positioning itself better in Google and thus getting easier to be found by those looking for something with that term.

Well, now to find these key words and terms according to your niche market will use a Google Adwords tool called Planner Keyword which is nothing more than a keyword planner Google Adwords and how to find created a video to facilitate understanding.