How to play Tales of Berseria, RPG for PlayStation 4 and PC

Tales of Berseria is the new RPG from Namco Bandai for PS4 and PC. The game is part of the series “Tales of” and is set in the same universe of Tales of Zestiria . The protagonist of the time is Velvet, a young woman who joins a group of pirates with the sole purpose of seeking revenge for the events of the past. Check here the basics of the game such as combat system and Ars, to begin your adventure.

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Combat, Ars and souls

The battle system Tales of Berseria contains familiar elements for those already familiar with the series, but also includes new details that set it apart from the rest. The first major change is in the camera and movement. The player is free to move by struggles without a fixed angle – as happened in Zestiria.

How to play Tales of Berseria, RPG for PC and PS4 (Photo: Playback / Such Carvalho)

The fights work with combo system using Ars martial and hidden. The Ars are separate attacks in groups of three combinations, where each sequence of strokes may have different bonuses and benefits according to their type and order that is used.

The number of combos you can use is defined by the “Soul Gauge”. You start with three and can accumulate up to five souls in combat, stealing them from enemies to stun them. The Ars consume these souls to being used.

The fights work with combo system using Ars martial and hidden (Photo: Playback / Such Carvalho)

If the “Soul Gauge” reaches zero, you can still attack, but will be easily shot down while trying to defend. Attack without souls also causes other negative effects, such as making their slow combos and more easily broken.

The character can also defend and take quick steps to avoid scams or save souls. To have three or more souls, the character can use the “Liberation of Souls” blow that ignores the limit and serves to open a combo sequence. Its side effect is that the character loses a soul at the end of the attack.

Equipment and skills

The skills are linked to equipment and can be enhanced according to their classification. The items are divided into three categories: “Skill Master”, “Enhancement Bonus” and “Random skill.”

The Master skills are equipped in character while he is using the item and a number of points required to master it. To achieve these points, the ability will be permanent character, even if you remove the item in question. By keeping the equipment with permanent skill, you will double the effect of it.

The “Enhancement Bonus” are unlocked as you use materials to refine their weapons and equipment. To unlock it, you can increase the effectiveness of the effect further refining the item. Já “Random”, as its name suggests, appear with no default. The equipment can also be broken stores to turn into material that can be used in other items.


The titles are obtained from events or when certain conditions are met Durantes struggles. They add status bonuses to the character and can level up. They also unlock new skills and effects as they are improved.

Map and crew

The mini map and the full game map will show icons with details such as the entry of caves, interactions and the goal of each mission – which also appears in the upper right corner of the screen. The game also offers “Teleport points” to facilitate mobility. However, they need to be unlocked.

Use the Teleport portals to quickly come to an area (Photo: Playback / Such Carvalho)

In particular part of the game, after meeting Eizen captain, you can board the ship in small missions to collect items and rewards. The amount of items will depend on your team’s performance during the fights. Each dispatch lasts about 30 minutes in real time – and not the game time.

Food and skits

The food and Tales of Berseria recipes are prepared by the characters and cause different effects depending on the cook’s hand and the character. Every dish prepared, you can gain experience and level up the ability to cook. You can also select foods that are prepared and used automatically after the fighting. But for that you must have all the ingredients in the inventory.

You can prepare foods that recover life or give bonuses (Photo: Playback / Such Carvalho)

The skits are dialogues and dynamic scenes that appear at certain times of the game. They happen randomly after some important event or battle, or when an icon appears at the bottom right of the screen so that you activate them.