How to play Yakuza 0, new game from Sega for PlayStation 4

Yakuza 0 is the game of action and SEGA adventure that takes place in open world, but with certain limitations. The focus is on exploration, character development and especially in combat. Learn how to play and what should be done in Kamurocho streets in control Kazuma Kiryu.

basic controls

The basic controls are not difficult. The joystick levers move Kazuma and the camera and you can walk around freely, at least until esbarrarmos in any barrier. By pressing X you can make the character run faster, but be careful, because he tired.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

After tiring, Kazuma will make a short break before you can run again. It’s good to be attentive to your breathing, otherwise it may be achieved by a group of enemies in Kamurocho streets.

Save progress

It may seem obvious, but it is not. Yakuza 0 does not save your progress automatically, like most modern games. Perhaps this is done to simulate an “old game”, as the game is set in 1988.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

However, the tip is to pay attention to public phones around the map. They are marked with a small “S” and can save the player’s progress at any time before losing their advance.

Cash items

It is also public telephones that the player can organize your items again. Kazuma has a limited amount of pockets and so can not upload many items at the same time as space runs out.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

To deposit or withdraw items, go to a phone booth and choose the Item Box option. So you can deposit that do not want to use or do not really have use for some reason. But still, even the Item Box has limited space.


When you press the touch panel to control the touch of PS4 the player has access to the game map. Watch for markings missions and colorful locations, indicating shops, entertainment spots and interest of Kazuma.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

Those marked with “S” are telephone booths, as explained above. In addition, the maps also tell names of streets or neighborhoods, useful to carry out missions that ask for specific locations.


Shops are extremely important in Yakuza 0. Kazuma does not usually earn items by winning battles, just money. In the stores it can buy items to recover energy, eat to improve their status and more.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

The shops are scattered around the map and are usually marked in yellow. Each varies according to what is proposed, then it is always good to check into what it is and see what it has to offer.


It must also entertain Kazuma time or another. After many battles, the character may need some fun among the many scattered around the map. It can be in the video arcade, karaoke and even escort homes.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

Diversions are often scattered around the map and marked with pink. Just come and choose what you want to do, whether it’s singing, playing, just talk, drink a little, between all that is available.


The fights are the highlight of 0. Yakuza Kazuma has complete freedom of punching and kicking your opponents with the combination of buttons as triangle and ball, to put together combos in real time.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

It is still possible to defend the R2 or dodge by pressing the X at the right time. The game has fast fighting, so be careful not to get hit by enemies unexpectedly.

fighting styles

Kazuma can vary in fighting style in real time within the fighting. Each has its own characteristics, such as faster, slower but powerful and even that focused on special combos.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

To change the style press one of the directions in control of the digital directional. Kazuma will make a short break to change, then do it away from enemies and without the risk of being struck by a blow or combo opponents, while the change is made.


The evolution of the character is of utmost importance to continue strong in the fighting. Evolution is paid with money obtained in fights within the “Abilities” on the menu that opens when you press the Options button.

How to play Yakuza 0 (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

There is a skill tree for each of the fighting styles already unlocked Kazuma. Make your progress smoothly, choosing the cheapest options, so that the character does not run out of money so he can buy more benefits later.