5 Reasons Why You Can not Stop Having Breakfast

1. Having breakfast replenishes the energies lost during sleep

The calories eaten at breakfast are extremely important for the body to function during the day. First, because after a long period of fasting, there was burning of glucose and glycogen – essential for maintaining the functions of the organism, such as breathing and blood circulation – and the stocks of these substances need to be replenished.

2. Help in inhibiting hunger

Another function of the first meal of the day is to promote the feeling of satiety throughout the day. Recent studies have pointed out that eating right after waking up improves bowel function and inhibits excessive food intake throughout the day, thus allowing greater weight control.

3. Improves body, mind and – why not? – the soul?

Breakfast functions as a kind of fuel for the human body. The food consumed in this meal has a direct impact on physical disposition, logical reasoning and acceleration of metabolism. For those who practice hypertrophy, it helps prevent muscle loss.

4. The breakfast menu has essential nutrients for the body.

Breakfast foods, rather than helping to replenish the body’s energy reserves, are able to cooperate to increase life expectancy. The fibers present in cereals, for example, regulate the intestine and help in the decrease of the triglycerides. Proteins – such as eggs, nuts and milk – give the feeling of satiety and help control blood sugar levels.

5. The habit of drinking coffee should start even in childhood

Concentration during class and the learning process does not begin when the children arrive at their classes, but rather at the kitchen of the house. It has been proven that for a good day, you must have the habit of having breakfast early after getting out of bed.