iPhone 7: seven things you need to know before buying

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus landed in Brazil in the last 11 , after less than two months of waiting about the launch in the United States. This time the model has lower price than its predecessor, the iPhone 6S , which has aroused the curiosity of many consumers in relation to the phone of Apple has to offer.If you are also considering buying the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, know the following details on seven smartphones – from the price to the camera, through the device durability promise.

1) It has more storage

The internal space increased in the iPhone 7. In the previous generation, the most basic version was 16 GB, while now the model with less storage is 32 GB. The same occurred in the most expensive model, which jumped from 128 GB to 256 GB. In other words, this means that consumers willing to pay more and those who want to save – if it is possible to say that an iPhone – will double the space in the current iPhone at launch last year.
iPhone 7 doubled storage in cheaper and more expensive versions

2) It costs less than the iPhone 6S

The iPhone 7 has fallen in price relative to 6S . A year ago, at the time of its release, the iPhone 6S came here for R $ 3,999 in its most basic version of 16 GB. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7 32 GB goes for R $ 3,499, a difference of R $ 500.
The Plus model followed the same path: in 2015, the 5.5-inch smartphone was launched by R $ 4,299, while the iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB costs US $ 4,099 – or R $ 200 cheaper.
launch price of the iPhone 7 is smaller than the iPhone 6S

3) water resistance Won

The iPhone 7:07 Plus are the first Apple with water resistance. The two have IP67 certification , which allows them to be at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes, and offers protection against dust entry. But here it is a warning: Apple itself does not recommend that the appliances are submerged.
On the official website, the manufacturer says that “resistance to water splashes and dust is not a permanent condition and may decrease with time”, adding with the following warning: “Damage resulting from contact with liquids are not included in the guarantee”. To the wise, the message of the apple company is given: if your mobile spoil after a dive, the problem is yours.
iPhone 7 body now has water resistance

4) Plus truly offers something more

In previous generations, the Plus version meant almost as only a larger screen. This remains true in Cases 7 Plus 5.5 inch display which is bigger than the iPhone 7, 4.7 inches. Only now the model has also capture best quality images thanks to the presence of dual camera , absent in younger brother.
Dual camera of 12 megapixels iPhone 7 Plus
The main component of the advantage is to join two 12 megapixel cameras each, one with wide-angle lens and the other with telephoto lens. The combination allows optical zoom 2x – zoom “real” – and 10x digital zoom, while the iPhone has only 7 5x digital zoom. Moreover, only the Plus model has a portrait mode applying bokeh effect (that blurred) in the background of the images, highlighting the central subject of the photo.

5) There are two more hours of battery

The battery of 1,960 mAh iPhone 7 lasts up to 12 hours on 3G and 4G networks, two hours more than the battery of 1,715 mAh iPhone 6S. IPhone 7 Plus the gain is an hour from last generation, which was 12 hours on 3G and 4G. At least according to Apple itself, the battery life is greater now.
IPhone battery lasts 7 to 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S

6) Does not have analog audio output

The P2 audio output iPhone disappeared from 7:07 Plus . Smartphones come with EarPods with Lightning connector and an adapter for 3.5mm port, but it is good to be careful not to lose the pieces. The EarPod equal to the box costs $ 249 and the adapter, R $ 79. The trendiest Bluetooth headphones, called  AirPods , are also an alternative. They are not yet on sale, but we know that will cost R $ 1,399 in the country .
iPhone 7 has no analog input headphone jack

7) You can not play music and recharge the battery at the same time

The Lightning port is the only entrance of the new iPhones, which created an uncomfortable situation: now no longer possible to play music and recharge the phone at the same time, at least not only with headphones wired. Of course, Apple itself has created its solutions – sold separately – to circumvent the problem.
One is to buy the Lightning base of the apple, which in its latest version received the addition of a 3.5mm input (and costs US $ 379) . Another way out is to get Bluetooth headsets. Fortunately you can find both adapters when wireless phones in other manufacturers, then gives to save a few hundred reais.
You can not listen to music and charge iPhone 7 at the same time