Killer tips for playing Gravity Rush 2 on PS4

Gravity Rush 2 is the new franchise with the game mechanics based on gravity. Available exclusively for PS4 , the title enhances the elements of the first game in all aspects, from combating the size of the open world. Check out how well have the exclusive Sony:

Collect gems

As in the first adventure, precious stones are used to unlock new abilities for Kat, the protagonist. The stones are allocated in places of difficult access map, so use the gravitational powers to achieve them.

Gravity Rush 2 : Tips to get right in PS4 adventure (Photo: Playback / Victor Teixeira)

By accumulating stones, you can enable new moves and combos from the “Enhance” menu. Focus on enabling first the air combat techniques and ecstasy field, since they are the most useful and facilitate progress at the beginning of the journey.

Prioritize gravitational attacks

Although the combat system work well on the ground, the land combos are weak and ineffective compared to air assaults. The ideal is to combine shots items (by pressing the “Circle” button to collect and shoot) with executions in the air, which can be controlled by the R1 and L1 buttons.

It is important to remember that when confronting enemies in the air, heroin can also use air dodges – a technical, even somewhat explained in lengthy tutorials. Press the L2 button and then use the trigger L3 to direct the direction of escape.

Gravity Rush 2: Prioritize air combat (Photo: Reproduction / Victor Teixeira)

This will make it much easier to fight against hordes of enemies, especially in battles against bosses whose attacks are capable of taking half of Kat’s life bar.

Team talismans

The Talisman system is one of the novelties of Gravity Rush 2. They give special powers to heroin, being able to equip up to three items at the same time. They should be equipped via the “Talismans” menu, accessible from the Options button on DualShock 4.

There are different categories of talismans, and you can get them in parallel missions, skill challenges or online activities such as treasure hunts. It is important to note that it is not allowed to equip more than one talisman of the same category.

Gravity Rush 2: Equip the talismans to gain additional powers (Photo: Reproduction / Victor Teixeira)

Use the sewers

Inherited from the first game, the culverts are unlockable points that have seen quick travel reference. As the Gravity Rush 2 map is huge, on many occasions it is best to reach a manhole and travel fast instead of traveling through the air.

Once unlocked, the manholes are highlighted on the minimap by icons in purple – press the TouchPad to access the region locator. They are also quite useful if you plan to jump from one challenge to the other without losing the time of locomotion.

Play online

The Gravity Rush 2 online feature is one of the highlights of the second adventure. The online mode, fully integrated with the offline world, works as follows: a user forwards a photo of a place as a reference, and from there you should locate the point where the treasure chest is positioned.

Chests provide benefits, such as good amounts of valuable gems and valuable talismans to multiplayer mode. All available chests are accessible in the “Comments” tab by pressing the Options button. Dedicate yourself to completing daily challenges to evolve faster.

Control the force meter

In the upper left corner of the screen, there is a Kat force meter highlighted in blue. When the bar goes empty, Kat remains temporarily unable to attack and move in the air. Pay attention to the meter, because managing the vigor is one of the biggest challenges of the game.