Metcon Training: Burn More Calories in Less Time

Want to burn calories, get rid of localized fat and still get the resistance up there? So the MetCon workout is definitely the sport for you! The name of this new way of exercising has everything to do with the results of exercise: metabolic conditioning!

Widely used by gyms and personal trainers, MetCon is a heavy workout that outperforms specific workouts such as bodybuilding and aerobic exercise, for example. It can be included in CrossFit training and aims to be anaerobic, that is, without the use of oxygen and always in high intensity.

If you want to lose weight, increase lean mass and even set the muscles , it is certainly worth practicing. This is because the results of the technique are fast and effective, being possible to burn up to 63 calories every 6 minutes according to the “Roamstrong” fitness portal.

For this reason it is recommended that the training be short, with an average of 20 minutes of exercise – and more, the calories continue to be burned within 72 hours after the activity. In addition, squats, rope exercises, paddling, a lot of abdominal board and other typical CrossFit exercises are done in the workout. Ufa!

A lot of people confuse the technique with CrossFit itself and HIIT . The difference between the three is simple. HIIT is the acronym for “High Intensity Interval Training” which stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” – this type of technique uses high intensity interval workouts. CrossFit joins weightlifting, athletics and artistic gymnastics in a training with functional and constantly varied movements. It can be aerobic or anaerobic.

MetCon can be practiced by people with an intermediate and advanced level of conditioning. To reduce the risk of injury, always seek guidance from a Physical Education professional.