Metropolis: Ethereum Developers Set Date for Testnet Launch

Metropolis Release Date

A release date for the “Byzantium” testnet, the next critical step toward a major upgrade to ethereum, was announced. Byzantium is the first of two phases in the update ‘Metropolis’, which will be followed by ‘Constantinople’ later.

The actual version of the network update is likely to be released in early October, depending on the length of the test period and any issues that may arise during that time period. Observers had predicted that the Metropolis update could come as early as this month, but continued development pushed that date to late in the fall.

As developer Hudson Jameson, unofficial release manager of Metropolis, said during the meeting:

“For all the coin media that keep saying September – it’s not September. It’s October 9 unless something goes wrong with the testnet.”

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of ethereum, said during the meeting that he anticipates that the Byzantium test phase will last between three and four weeks.

In response, developer Péter Szilágyi postulated that the timeline for this could change, noting “if things go wrong … they will go wrong fast.”

Every update Ethereum price goes to high. So if it happen correctly with this date, price will pump.

Post Source: Coindesk
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