Microsoft releases new Outlook Beta; See what changes in the email service

The Microsoft announced beta on Tuesday (8). The proposal is to allow users to test new products and services, and to inform the company of their opinions about the resources. According to the company, the beta will be available to all users gradually, just wait for the “Try the beta” key to appear in the upper right corner of your inbox and activate it. To return to the previous layout, simply use the button again and disable beta mode.

But there’s a way to ” get in the way ” and start testing all the beta news – which includes a new design, more responsive structure, typing-based hinting, new photo organizing, and customization options – without waiting The key appears on your interface. When accessing the address “”, change the ” / owa ” to ‘/ mail’.

Outlook Beta

New design and more responsive structure has updated its structure to enable a more modern, responsive and faster layout, similar to other email clients like gmail. With the change, actions like attaching files and opening messages should get faster. The search system was also modified, showing previews of files and photos directly from the results list.

Tips based on typing and organized photos

The inbox, in turn, will be able to show suggestions based on what is being typed, such as restaurant and restaurant recommendations and flight information, for example. In addition, now all photos sent or received in your email are organized in one place, which makes it easy to share them with others.

Outlook Beta Release 2

Customization options

You can also customize your inbox by adding sidebar shortcuts with your favorite contacts and folders to make it easier to find. In e-mail conversations you can include popular emojis and GIFs icons.

Outlook beta 3

According to Microsoft, the beta has no scheduled date to end testing and is currently not compatible with add-ins. Its use does not interfere with features such as synchronization with mobile applications and new functions – such as Calendar and People – will be added over time.

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