Microsoft launches new line of Xbox One controls with rugged

Aiming to expand the already diverse range of controls on the Xbox One, Microsoft has announced a new line of joysticks that follow a bold look: the “Tech Series”, inspired by “military technology” and focused on “performance standards” in Words from Microsoft.

As this is a product line, more than one model will hit the market. The first of these is the Recon Tech Special Edition, which has a golden highlight on the front of the two wings that cross each other and form an image full of webs.

The back is even better: it has a rubberized finish on each side for “better control and more comfort”, not to mention that thanks to the material, the sweat of your hands is absorbed much faster – ideal for Shooters, for example. The overall format follows the Xbox One S control pattern, with slightly more pointed wings.

Microsoft Xbox One


Price and date

This initial model will be released for $70 on April 25. Microsoft says the release is “worldwide”.

In time: The joysticks will be compatible with Xbox One, Windows 10 and the upcoming Scorpio. The other controls on this line will still be announced by the company. May the green force be with you! What did you think of Recon Tech? Leave your comments in the comments field below.

Sources: XBOX WIRE