New 360-degree video camera can ‘mirror’ human vision

The TwoEyes VR is the first video camera 360 and 4K that truly reflects human vision. The device is equipped with two pairs of lenses 180, which are placed at 65 mm distance, which is the average size of a person’s eyes.

This project, created through a campaign Kickstarter, allows you to capture the 360 ​​around the same way as the eyes see the world. A feature is the ability to relive special moments with the realism of the 360 ​​platforms of social media (YouTube 360, 360 Facebook, Twitter 360), and VR and 3D television binoculars.

Meet the prototype TwoEyes VR, video camera that mirrors the human eye (Reuters / HunJoo Song)

The TwoEyes VR offers two different recording modes: vertical and horizontal. In the first option, when you start shooting vertically, the camera will shoot using only two lenses, the “one-eye” mode, which happens the same way as other cameras 360 on the market. The novelty of this project is for the recording mode horizontally. In this position, the camera will record with four lenses, in the “two-eyes”, that is when you will be able to record realistic 3D videos. The TwoEyes VR also has a built-in gyro sensor, which automatically detects how you are holding.

The TwoEyes VR controls can be manual through their shooting controls, with two simple buttons, or remotely with the complementary application. When done shooting, you can edit in different ways: VR, 360 or 3D. The content filmed by TwoEyes VR can still be seen in VR devices that have compatibility with your smartphone.

And for the 3D video content, you can use 3D glasses or even display it on a 3D TV. Another feature of the device is content sharing with friends and / or family members in various social media platforms directly from TwoEyes application, or you can share your videos and photos on Instagram or other supported platforms, like Facebook 360 and Youtube 360.

TwoEyes VR can record videos in two ways: vertically or horizontally (Reuters / HunJoo Song)

TwoEyes VR is the first stereoscopic camera with recording in 4K and 360 in the world. The device takes into account the fact that the eyes are always seeing an object from two different lines of vision and it is for this reason that the overlapping visual fields are able to gain depth perception, which enhances the realism of the viewing experience VR or 3D. Furthermore, TwoEyes VR uses the same separation to separate the eyes have their pairs of lens: 65 mm between the lenses. According to the creators of the project, this is the first time that this spacing was replicated in VR features a 360 ° camera.

And while other cameras 360 have VR functionality, they are only able to explain the separation between the eyes by means of an algorithm, or other cameras 360 only copy the same image and to move into a defined number of millimeters away. Unlike TwoEyes VR is that it is the first camera equipped with pairs of lenses designed to match each eye, allowing you to capture reality exactly the same way that your eyes.