Next Android may no longer need to download apps

Google announced Instant Apps feature which allow to access application without download them.

At that same time of year, in 2016, Google  announced the Instant Apps feature for the Android operating system  , which allows the user to access applications without the need to download them, that is, you can access a link that opens a part of the app  And you use it normally without having to download it.

The tool has been tested and developed by Google with the support of a limited number of partners since the beginning of 2017, but now, the company said in Google I / O , the launch of a new SDK will allow any developer to use the Instant Apps feature.

It pleases Greeks and Trojans

The news sounds good to both developers and users alike. At one end, the (still very few) companies that use the tool have indicated increased access to their services through Instant Apps. In the other, users can quietly access the content they want without taking up the storage space of their smartphones or having the job of installing apps they’ll never need to use again.

This opens up a huge horizon for the way functions and features are used in a mobile phone . Today, everything is done through the applications that you install on the device. In a few years, with the development of this tool and the deployment of the next Android, we may never need to download an app again: everything will be accessed through Instant Apps with the same quality of the complete programs and the new OS will still bring new Functions.

Everything will depend on public acceptance and adoption of the appeal by companies and developers

Of course everything will depend on public acceptance and adoption of the appeal by companies and developers and only time will tell if we really will follow this path. Be that as it may, the tool is practical for everyone and this is always the most important thing for a practice to consolidate.