Top 5 Created Free Nintendo 3DS games

Nintendo 3DS is the portable game sales success worldwide. Home franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon , the console Nintendo also offers good options of totally free downloadable titles. Check out the full list of five good fun suggestions for download right now:


Nintendo’s little monsters have always had as main house portable consoles of the company. The GameBoy DS, its main adventures appeared in small games .In 3DS was no different, but in addition to the acclaimed Pokémon Sun / Moon were also launched a series of free-to-play adventures.

Best games for 3DS Pokémon Shuffle (Reuters / Nintendo)

With free download in the eShop 3DS, Pokemon Shuffle , Rumble World and Picross offer good alternatives for those looking for fun with Pikachu and his friends in different genres.

In Pokémon Shuffle , the idea is to drag the stylus for touch screen connecting similar monsters and riding huge combos in the style Puzzle & Dragons Z; the addictive Rumble World, mechanical beat ’em up are used in short phases of much action; Picross and fun with the famous namesakes puzzles.

Steel Diver: Sub Wars

The sequence of Steel Diver was released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS . Produced by the very Shigeru Miyamoto, the game of tactical fighting between submarines is shown in first person and has enough depth.

Despite the free download be fun, a single transaction in the same way from Super Mario Run enables the full game, adding 16 new submarines and five new stages.

Best Games for 3DS: Steel Diver Sub Wars (Reuters / Nintendo)

Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge

Kind of spiritual wake of Mario vs. Donkey Kong franchise, amiibo Challenge recreates the main inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom lowercase versions toy. As the Lemmings series, the heroes march straight through the maps, and it’s up to redirect them.

We have to build bridges and roads, skirting the abyss and thorns to reach the exit. Although the download is free, you must have at least one scan and amiibo doll to release new phases.

Best Games for 3DS: Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge (Reuters / Nintendo)

Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

The first free-to-play game of Nintendo history came to 3DS in 2014, which proved to be a very successful experiment. Similar to its mechanical great Rythm Heaven series perfectly complemented the journey Rusty dog ​​to build the best possible sporting goods store.

Even without any knowledge of baseball rules you can have great fun trying to get to the top of the scoring rankings.

Best games for 3DS: Rusty's Real Deal Baseball (Reuters / Nintendo)

Nintendo Badge Arcade

In addition to being a free game, Nintendo Badge Arcade has a bonus feature: the triumph in their minigames, you can get icons and wallpapers to customize the home menu of the Nintendo 3DS .

The figures are obtained in a challenging game of catching objects using a claw, very similar to the devices present in malls and amusement parks. Although new attempts will cost money for microtransactions, with patience you can get a good collection using only the quota of free movement.

Best Games for 3DS: Nintendo Badge Arcade (Reuters / Nintendo)