Bowling v3 .jar – Java Games

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Bridge boxx .jar – Java Games

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Moby Explorer .jar – Java Apps

Moby Explorer is a powerful FTP/FTPS clients for Java J2ME enabled phone.It's help you to manage your phone file or FTP server file.It support for many strength file encryption to built in text editor.It's also support for file compression...

Qumran .jar – Java Apps

Download Catagory Name: Uquran .jar. Type: Java Apps. Category: Islamic Java Apps. Support: Touch screen mobile supported 100%.Minimum requirement: MIDP 2.0,CLDC 1.1 screen width: 240 pixels, 320 pixels, 360 pixels, 480 pixels or 640 pixels. Size: 777 kb Download Keywords: Java islamic application,islamic java software,quran apps,all...

Download Air.gif -Mobile Animations

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