Pokémon Alpha and Omega: use GTS function to find online creatures

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire feature several species of creatures that can be caught all over the map of the game. In addition, players can use the GTS tool, which allows you to exchange Pokémon over the Internet. Learn in this tutorial to use this functionality.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire feature various species of creatures. (Reuters)

Step 1. At any time, tap the PlayNav option. The functionality is the right of the screen, among the other icons;

Tap the PlayNav option. (Photo: Playback / Murilo Molina)

Step 2. Now click PSS to connect to the network game;

Click PSS to connect the network. (Photo: Playback / Murilo Molina)

Step 3. Tap the small gray round icon at the top of the bottom screen;

Tap the gray icon. (Photo: Playback / Murilo Molina)

Step 4. Select the GTS mode on the second page;

Step 5. To find species, click “Seek Pokémon”;

Click Seek to find Pokémon species. (Photo: Playback / Murilo Molina)

Step 6. “Pokémon Wanted”, select which monster draws find;

Choose the Pokémon you want. (Photo: Playback / Murilo Molina)

Step 7. Usually a wide range of offers will appear. In it, you can choose the Pokémon of a coach who is looking for something that you already have;

Check out the offers. (Photo: Playback / Murilo Molina)

Step 8. Now select the box Pokémon desired by the coach and send it to carry out the exchange;

Step 9. You can also list your Pokemon to return. Simply click on “Deposit”. You must choose which monster you want in return.