Power Rangers: Mega Battle brings back the classic characters of the 90s for an unprecedented game on Xbox One and PS4 . The game is in the style “beat’em up”, or “walk and hit” but with graphics that resemble old games – even in high definition. The problem is that it lacks substance to the game, which only supports the nostalgia and fun for a few minutes before tiring of time. Check out the full review:

Rita is free again

Power Rangers: Mega Battle begins at the very beginning of the series, when we see Rita Repulse, the great villain of the saga, is released again and attacking the Earth – and the mall of the angels. Zordon, a being of great power, decide together with five young claw, to make them Power Rangers and defend the place of this threat.

Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

The game recounts the story of the TV series to some extent. The initial facts are the same, but change in a short time. Soon we have the presence of the common enemy, mass dolls them, and also that bosses and are just inspired by what we saw in the program.

Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly and Zack are playable characters, and Tommy, that comes later, and the issues that come DLC, Aisha, Adam, Rocky and Kat, the Rangers substitutes. Before each stage, you can choose one of them to play and enjoy, without the possibility of change throughout each chapter.

Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

No problem as the history of the game, which fits with some fidelity what was seen in the original material, but it has been done before in the most classic video games. We could have a unique plot, as we are seeing in the comic series published so far only in the US but it did not happen here.

It’s time to get tired

Power Rangers has gameplay of beat’em up, ie basically hit and walk the stage. By far remember games like Castle Crashers, due to its fluid 2D animation and it looks more like a Flash game. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since the very Castle Crashers is far from bad, but here it seems that lacked something.

Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

The game was meant to be played in four participants, with only local multiplayer – using four controls. You can play alone, but is dull and tired soon. The idea of ​​playing in four is always fun, but it is not everyone who has more than two joysticks at home, although you can ask a friend to bring your own house control.

However, the gameplay becomes repetitive after a while, if the player enjoy the game alone. The enemies are varied little and when vary, are figures that have never appeared on TV, like a giant black knight in armor, which more resembles a generic medieval game. The Rangers blows do not vary much, despite having the presence of combos, shot distance and other possible attacks.

Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

A serious problem is the lack of checkpoints. That is, there is no record at some point of the phase. Dying there in front, almost completing the scenario, we return everything from the beginning, with the same enemies to be defeated. All right that needs a lot so that the four heroes die at the same time, in the case of multiplayer, but even so it is still frustrating, especially for those who play alone.

Battles against bosses are even interesting. In giant robot control, the player must attack the huge monster in front of two ways: first in the “tank” with well – aimed shots at strategic locations, and then in full fight with the Megazord mounted, and sequences buttons to be pressed – remembering Chroma Squad , Brazilian-based game Rangers teams.

Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

Some fun points, others not so much. Mega Battle tries to balance this with more enemies appearing in advanced stages and other bosses, but there is not much variation. At most we evolution of elements of the characters and some points of the second and third seasons of TV series appearing in the game, but no more than it should to ensure a ‘replay factor “in high adventure.

Yes, it seems Flash

As we mention, the game seems to have been done in Flash, which we know is not the case. But the graphics are super simple and without much inspiration. Again compared with Castle Crashers, we have a game that seems to follow the same artistic style, but there are visual elements with enough variety and fun.

Power Rangers: Mega Battle (Photo: Playback / Felipe Vineyard)

The characters, at least, are well designed, both heroes and villains, although they have few prominent visual points. The Rangers, in itself, very reminiscent of the stars who made their roles in the original series, what counts as a positive point for the production of the game. There is also the classical music that plays in the menus and between the phases, but not just that – the songs within the phases are generic pitiful.


Power Rangers: Mega Battle tries to hold only in nostalgia, showing the origins of the Rangers of the TV series and varying almost nothing from there. The game is for one, two, three or four players, but is only really fun with multiplayer, which is a shame for those who like or usually play alone. Also, there is not much variation in the scenarios and enemies are quite repetitive. It the good memories and battles Zord, these rather good fun.