Scientists create robotic arms that are controlled by feet

Sometimes you come across some situation and think that it would be better to have one or two arms to account for everything you need to hold. Everyone has gone through this, and soon, if the prototype created by the Inami Hiyama Laboratory avenge, it will not be so difficult to have an extra pair of arms.

Scientists from the Japanese laboratory developed the MetaLimbs, mechanical arms that are controlled with the movements of the feet. Obviously still pretty raw, the equipment does not have an advanced finish and probably will not allow your user to go out climbing walls and become a supervillain.

However, MetaLimbs is already able to assist anyone who uses it in simple tasks, such as manipulating small objects. Its creators also guarantee that the machine can be customized for different tasks: just change the traditional handle to other specific tools and you have a hook or a welder at the end of the mechanical arm.

As you can see in the video, the robotic arms have a very interesting response time to the touch. Thus, both the movement of the feet and the interaction with other objects occurs instantaneously, highlighting the good work of the Japanese scientists in the design of the device.

In addition, the equipment is made to be used seated. Remember that as it is controlled by the movements of the feet, the ideal is that you use them only to move the mechanical arms. Although simple, the initiative is very interesting and, perhaps, can evolve into more intuitive and less mechanical interfaces in the future.

Source: Inami(Youtube)