14 Codes to access ‘secret’ iPhone function

The iPhone has been around for 10 years, but it still hides secrets that most user don’t know about this. A hardcore smartphones user has probably known these codes for a long time, but for most people, they don’t know about these secrets.

Some shortcuts are particularly useful because they active device function that can not be accessed through the settings menu. You can use them as alternatives in the configuration.

Check the list below:

1- Check the IMEI number: *#06#

The IMEI is the number that allows the locking of the device in case of loss or theft. IMEI means, “International Mobile Equipment Identity”.

It can also be found on the back of iPhones 5,5c,5s,SE,6 and 6 plus. In other version, it stays inside the chip tray.

Another way of knowing IMEI is go to Settings>General>About and scroll down the list to IMEI.

2- Field Test: *3001#12345#* + on

In this mode you can see all kinds of information about the reception of cellular signal in your device, including seeing the intensity measured in decibal-milliwatt(dBm). This number varies from -120 to -40, with -120 signal practically non-existent and -40 signal maximum.

The cool thing in this way is that you can permanently replace the five points by the measure in dBm. To do this, open the Field Test, touch the negative number above to appear the corresponding in points. Then hold the iPhone’s On / Off button until the power off message appears. Hold the Home button for about 5 seconds and the Field Test will close automatically and the points will have been replaced.

If you want to revert to the traditional view, open the Field Test again, tap the number, and then press the Home button.

3- Anonymous Mode

Activate: #31# + Call

Disable: *31# + On

View status: *#31# + Call

Only for a specific call: #31#desired number + Call

You can also enable or disable anonymously accessing Settings>Phone>Show my number>Yes/No .

4- Forwarding all calls

Activate: #21# + On

Disable: *21# + On

View status: *#21# + Call

(Available only to some carries)

5- Routing to Voicemail when out of area

Enable: #62# + Call

Disable: *62# + On

View status: *#62# + Call

(Available only to some carriers)

6- Direct forwarding to Voicemail when busy

Enable: #67# + Call

Disable: *67# + On

View status: *#67# + Call

(Available only to some carriers)

7- Call waiting

Enable: #43# + Turn On

Disable: *43# + On

View status: *#43# + Call

Enables the feature to leave a call waiting while you answer another. This function can also be enabled in Settings>Phone>Call Waiting>Yes/No .

8- Check data plan: * 646 # + Call

View the current status of your data plan.
(Available only to some carriers)

9- Block calls

Enable: *33* PIN # + On

Disable: #33* PIN # + On

View status: *#33# + Call

(Available only to some carriers)

This feature allows you to block calls from your cell phone, if you lend to a child or want to avoid calling the ex-boyfriend before going out for a drink, for example. Your PIN number can be found on the card that comes with the SIM card.

10- Block incoming calls

Enable: *35* PIN # + On

Disable: #35* PIN # + On

View status: *#35# + Call

(Available only to some carriers)

11- Divert/Forward calls to another number – See status: *#21#

Activate: * 21 * number for diversion # (If the number is from another area, 0 + long distance carrier number must be entered before the chosen number)

Disable # 21 #

Diverts all incoming calls to another number. A phone icon with an arrow appears at the top when this feature is turned on. You can also enable it in Settings – Phone – Forward Calls – Activate and enter the number you want.

12- Show to which number missed calls are forwarded: *#61# + “Call”

13- Show if the number identification service is active: *#30# + On

14- EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) mode: *3370# + On

It improves the sound quality in the connections, but also increases the battery consumption. Available only to some carriers.