Best tips for playing Pokémon Duel on the Android and iPhone (iOS)

Pokémon Duel is the new game in the series for Android and iPhone ( iOS ). It combines thumbnails with a board game where you can play online matches. The strategy is the key point of the game and the goal is not only win the battles. Check out some tips to get bonus items to improve your team and win easily.

Attack with colors

In Pokémon Duel, types of Pokémon, such as water, fire, or electric, have no effect in the fighting. What makes the difference are the colors of the attacks. They are divided in colors: White (White), Blue (Blue), Purple (Purple), red (Red) and Gold (Gold).

The winner of the fight will be the one with the attack / stronger color (Photo: Playback / Such Carvalho)

The rule is simple: the player must be aware of the colors to win the direct confrontation. By turning the wheel of attacks, you will see that they have advantages and disadvantages.

The white win against herself and the golden (if the blow is stronger). However, to lose the purple, which has a disadvantage against against golden hits. If two Pokémon use purple attacks, wins who has more stars. Golden purple bear, but when they compete against the white, win the attack with the highest score. The Blues are defensive and red will always fail.

Focus on the goal (and not in the fight)

The fights are certainly the fun part of Pokémon Duel, but do not forget the main goal. You can use different strategies in the field and win without even battle. Do not put only strong creatures and rare pieces in your team, preferably for cards with effects or to walk more than two houses at a time.

Focus on the goal, you can win without fighting (Photo: Playback / Such Carvalho)

You can also delete a Pokémon opponent simply by placing two pieces their around him. If the creature can not move to the sides, the Pokémon will be automatically deleted from the board.

Another way to delay the opponent is put your Pokémon on the sides of his field, where the Pokémon out initially. This will prevent him from invoking new parts and you will have free access to your goal.

Do not know what to do? Use the Super AI

You can use the chart of “Super AI” if you have more ideas during your turn. During three rounds she will fight for you, choosing the plays they find most appropriate for the moment. Not always the “Super AI” will hit in full, but is a great option for those who are lost or guaranteed to win a duel quickly.

Use the AI ​​Super balk when the fight or win quickly (Photo: Playback / Such Carvalho)

Train your Pokémon

Throughout the game you will receive material for melting (fusion) which increases the experience and, consequently, the level of Pokemon. In Pokémon Duel, train your monsters is as important as the original games. This is because to win more levels, you can expand the colored area of ​​the attacks on roulette. That is, when an attack becomes larger, it is more likely to be activated during the draw of the fights.

Make Training Center missions

Want to win free cards and gems? So do the tasks of the “Training Center”. They act as a kind of tutorial, which in addition to teaching the basics of the game guarantee some free items to be completed. Be sure to check also your mailbox and the daily challenges in the main menu. With the exception of cards and Pokémon, items still gains need to be rescued there.

Earn cards and bonuses gems in Training Center (Photo? Playback / Such Carvalho)