Top 5 Downloaded Truck Simulators for Android and iPhone

The  Heavy Truck Simulator , the  Truck Simulator 3D and  Euro Truck Driver are some of truck simulators that are successful in the mobile. The popularity of the genre comes from when they were famous in PC titles replicating the experience of driving one of these machines around the world. Thinking about it, the listed the best truck simulator game for iPhone ( iOS ) and Android.Reader also like: Full Review: Meet Android, the mobile operating system from Google


Euro Truck Driver

Euro Truck Driver brings the roads of Europe for your smartphone (Reuters / Ovidiu Pop)

Euro Truck Driver puts the player in control of trucks traveling the roads of Europe. Passing through Berlin, Prague, Madrid and other European cities, you should take your burdens the continent, earning money to buy new vehicles and improvements.

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The game has simple controls, allowing direct the path by tapping the phone screen or tampering with the device, as if it were a steering wheel. It is the most complete title list, with detailed graphics and online multiplayer.

Android | iPhone


Truck Simulator 3D

Truck Simulator 3D is from the creators of Bus Simulator (Reuters / Ovidiu Pop)
The Truck Simulator 3D was produced by the same responsible for Bus Simulator, bus driver simulator, also available for Android, iOS and PC. Here, the player travels through 11 American cities, finding maps of real roads.
One of the highlights of Truck Simulator 3D, in addition to the graphics, is the physical system to the gameplay that makes the gameplay much more complex and rewarding the player.

Heavy Truck Simulator

Heavy Truck Simulator brings several Brazilian roads (Reuters / Dynamic Games)
The Heavy Truck Simulator deserves its place on the list because, in addition to his qualities as a truck simulation game, it relies on Brazilian roads. The game features one of the advantages of games in the genre on PC, it allows travel to Brazil using newer or older model trucks. But it is necessary to respect the tolls you find along the way.
The Heavy Truck Simulator also features updates that include stretches of road and Brazilian cities to visit during the journey.

Grand Truck Simulator

Grand Truck Simulator lets you install mods with new visual (Reuters / Pulsar Gamesoft)
Another game that brings Brazilian roads, Grand Truck Simulator has the advantage of the ability to install mods, you can create for yourself, such as paintings and other customizations for the truck and trailer.
In addition to customizing the truck, Grand Truck Simulator brings a high dose of realism, whether in their commands as damage that long trips can bring to your truck. It remains you know how to deal with the resources to complete aa safe trip, vehicle and load in perfect condition.

Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA has several trucks and roads of North America (Reuters / Ovidiu Pop)
The  Truck Simulator USA brings the excitement of traveling by road from the United States, Canada and Mexico, traveling across North America to make their deliveries. Prepare to face roads in mountains, deserts and snowy environments, something that drastically changes the way you should drive your truck.
The Truck Simulator USA brings a considerable amount of truck models to choose from, plus loads of various types, such as cars, food, gasoline, among others. One of the most complete and entertaining titles list.