Want to be a billionaire? Bill Gates gives the hint

Bill Gates Billionaire Tips

Bill Gates remains at the top of the list of the richest people in the world . With a fortune estimated at $ 87.4 billion, Microsoft co-founder believed that having raised that equity was not an easy task. What’s more, he says that having knowledge in three distinct areas may be the way to become a millionaire.

In a conversation with LinkedIn CEO Daniel Roth, Gates said that to get a few billion dollars, you need to have basic science, engineering, and economics. In the executive’s view, these are the three segments that will be most up in the professions of the future.

“I really think a lot about basic knowledge about science, math, and economics – many careers in the future will demand those skills. It’s not that you’re going to necessarily write codes, but you have to understand what engineers can and can not do” , Commented.

Gates also said that older people may not be able to learn enough to raise a billion dollar fortune. However, the executive understands that, from now on, this type of learning can be shared with the new generations.