9 Worst Foods for Your Heart

1 – Fast food hamburgers

Here the danger lies in a component of this type of food: “Saturated fats from animals, especially when combined with carbohydrates, seem to have a deleterious effect on heart health,” explained Dr. Regina, Time magazine. Avoid eating fast food is a good way to get rid of this evil.

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2 – Processed meats

Bacon, sausage and the like may look tasty but have high levels of saturated fat too – in the case of the less fat options, the problem here is the large amount of salt, and the excess sodium is a bad deal, especially in terms of arterial hypertension. So we need to avoid this kind of food.

3 – Frituras

Fried potatoes and fried snacks are often villains for heart health too, because of trans fat, which raises our bad cholesterol levels and decreases the good kind of that component. If frying is inevitable, choose to prepare it with coconut oil and never make this type of food something common in your meals.

4 – Sweets

Diets with high sugar levels contribute to weight gain, increased inflammatory activity, bad cholesterol growth and the development of diabetes – guess what: it all adds up to heart disease.

5 – Sweet drinks

Sometimes the greatest source of sugar in a person’s diet is not food but drink: juices, soda, and the like should be consumed very sparingly and should definitely not be part of people’s routine – let alone children !

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6 – Biscuits, cakes

If you usually fill your supermarket cart with packets of crackers, cakes, and similar products, we have bad news: these items are high in sugar, saturated fats, trans fats and, to make matters worse, they’re just empty calories – nutrients or anything that is good for the body.

7 – Margarine

The more a person consumes trans fats, the more risk she has to develop some heart disease. This type of fat is present in the margarine we consume, so it is good to look at the products label and choose items that do not have hydrogenated fats – in doubt, always choose olive oil.

8 – Pizza

It’s sad, but it’s true: pizza is a great villain for the heart. The reason is in the amount of sodium, saturated fat and, in some cases, meats and sausages. It does not mean that you can not eat this delicious – the secret is to take light, not to eat more than two slices and, if possible, choose vegetarian fillings.

9 – Dietary soda

Do not fall for the idea that this option is the healthiest. The truth is that anyone who drinks this type of drink will compensate for caloric intake at mealtime, even if unconsciously. In addition, the chemicals in this drink harm the gut and help us gain weight even without the addition of sugar.