Review: Yazzy Simulator (Fake Chat)

Yazzy Simulator is an app Android that simulates the interface of different social networks. With it you can create false conversations WhatsApp , make fake posts on Facebook , Instagram and twitte r, generate fun translations of Google Translate and invent notifications. The free app is aimed at fun between friends.

Our Opinion

The Yazzy Simulato r is one of the best the genre applications. Its strong point is the interface loyalty, especially in WhatsApp, generating conversations in which it is virtually impossible to identify the scam. Messenger conversations can even contain emoji and photos or have changed the background, everything to make the look as close as possible to the original app.

Another great advantage is the ability to perform various types of simulation. Besides WhatsApp, the service can mimic posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, plagiarize translations of Google translator and parodying generic Android notifications.

Despite being in English, the platform is very intuitive, allowing generate fake content in seconds. The Yazzy interface itself is well organized, bringing the six apps options ‘falsifiable’ and the main screen. There are many configuration options, which in this case is positive and descomplicador.

Almost all apps show very believable interface. Because of this, the Instagram option ultimately stand out negatively. That’s because she’s the one whose look is not consistent with the updated app, which delivers falsifcação.

This is only relevant failure Yazzy that occupies relatively little space on the device and operates smoothly. There were no crashes or bugs during the tests carried out on a Moto G 2 running Android 6.0.

It is important to remember, however, that the app should be used for entertainment purposes. A logo is inserted into every false content, being removed only after a touch on it, it does open the message (in English) “The developer has no responsibility for incorrect use (against the law) of the application.”

Caveat made, remains recommend Yazzy Simulator. The app is a great alternative for those who want to play with friends and create fun content Internet from Android.


  • Easy to use
  • Six different falsificáveis ​​Apps
  • Interfaces false faithful to the original apps
  • Runs smoothly


  • In English
  • Instagram interface outdated